Outi Oravainen

Packaging relies on the strategy of the company

You implement the strategy of the company with packaging. Green values by themselves are no longer a working part of the strategy. You need to be obvious. It’s possible to express and implement many values and goals with packages.

A packaging concept based on correctly composed strategy is in a key position in regards to success. The chosen strategy is seen in packaging and also every in other material, communication and procedure.

A comprehensive brand strategy is something you should definitely take into focus. A good strategy is important to strengthen your competitiveness and create success. You can only reach goals if you have set them.

Sustainability is in the strategy of most companies, if not a no-brainer. by moving to more ecological packaging choices you enable sustainability and decrease the carbon footprint.

The experience from the product isn’t the whole truth. Every social media post, customer service experience, picture and material leave a mark to your brand.