Outi Oravainen DesignCompanyn perustaja ja pakkaussuunnittelija työhuoneessaan

The success of the client is the biggest motivator for a passionate entrepreneur

A package designed by us will raise the value of your product. We design idea-rich packaging concepts from an ecological standpoint. We manage the whole packaging design process from idea to ready product and apply it to best enhance the sales of the customer. A strong technical expertise ensures that the budget will never be wasted on unrealistic ideas unable to be implemented.

The decades worth of experience and diverse working positions amongst packaging design enable me to understand large projects and help the client to focus on things relevant to the business.

Outi Oravainen

Leading packaging projects is dependent on strong expertise

Designing packages feels ever the more natural and motivating as I gain more experience over the years. Having experience in designing agencies and also working with the industrial side gives me the ability to overcome many different challenges in many areas of packaging design. DesignCompany can help you with individual packaging renewals, but also manages big packaging projects and makes sure they get done.

Satisfied clients are my number one asset

Benefitting the customer and rock solid reliability are important values for DesignCompany. In creative work co-operation is key – you see creativity only works in a friendly environment. DesignCompany is a liked partner. This is proven by the many recommendations. Projects deigned by us always finish flexibly and on time.

The power is in co-operation

The large and skilful connections network is on hand in every project. DesignCompany works with for example illustrators, stylists, photographers, industrial designers, photo editors, packaging material suppliers, food scientists, translators, repros and printing houses.

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