Outi Oravainen

An environmentally friendly package is a must

Composing the appearance of the package is only a small part of packaging design. Ecological packaging solutions are a goal that everyone has in common. Your brand will succeed the better the more precise you are with every part of the package being ecological and ethical.

Environmentally friendly can be a package made from recycled materials. Renewable packaging materials are preferred over others amongst consumers as well. Decreasing or thinning the packaging materials are also ecological choices. You should also aim to make Multi-layered materials mono-materials to help recycling. Sizing the packages optimally for logistics can also help out on expenses.

Remember to communicate the sustainable solutions to your customer. For many, the well-being of the planet guides purchases. I warmly recommend adding even worded recycling instructions to your packages.

Many resellers also have their own environment requirements, which you should definitely explore and try to meet.

In the past few years many good alternatives have been developed to replace plastic. There has also been a remarkable amount of Finnish packaging material innovations, even on the global scale. I would be happy to tell you more about these options.

There was no plastic or glue used in this honey gift box.
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