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Packaging designer Outi Oravainen

The diverse work experience with packaging that I have accumulated over the decades has made the promise of success possible.

I got my first packaging related job in 1996. Before that I graduated as a graphic designer.

I have worked as the AD of a design agency and also in a big industrial operator. I’ve already been an entrepreneur for well over ten years.

The years spent in Luxembourg have brought perspective in life in general, but also in professional expertise. I will gladly lead even big packaging projects, because i understand them well.

Outi Oravainen


I understand the whole production chain from concept to ready product. I know the packaging design process well and assist my clients in executing it. My way of leading is exact.

Understanding consumer insight is close to my heart. Without a reason to buy the product it won’t be sold. I always bring my wide understanding of consumer behaviour to my projects. I also gladly co-operate with consumer research companies.

My designs are always produceable. I have made packaging designs in hundreds of different packaging formats. During my career I have made thousands of print originals. I have supervised first printings in countless countries and print houses. My technical expertise is at a very high level.

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Professional experience


DesignCompany // Entrepreneur and Packaging Designer

DesignCompany is a design studio specialised in creative packaging design.
My areas of expertise are brand identity, brand awareness and packaging design.


Finnish Honey Company Ltd // Head of Design, consultant

Finnish Honey Company is a second generation Premium Honey Company from Finland.
Responsible for Finnish Honey Company’s packaging design and all kind of marketing materials from design concepts to actual products. Advertising layouts and photo shootings included.


Valio Ltd // Graphical packaging design, consultant

Valio is the market leader in all key dairy product groups in Finland and one of the largest companies in Finland. Net sales in 2021 were EUR 1.92 billion.
My role within Valio is to manage packaging production projects with project management tools. From concept to product. I produce also technical files like printing originals. I have wide understanding of different packaging materials and specific printing techniques. I manage also first printings.


Anora Plc Wines // Graphical packaging design, consultant

Altia is a leading wine and spirits company offering quality brands in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Net sales in 2019 were EUR 665 million. In Finland alcoholic retailing is strictly regulated government monopoly and regulation also concerns packaging of alcoholic products.
Hired to work with Altia wine team. My responsibilities included concepting new wines and facelifting of existing products as well as leading projects related to packaging development.


Anora Plc Spirits // Graphical Packaging Designer, Inhouse

Responsible for all Altia’s spirits category products’ packages.


Helmi Visual Solutions Ltd // Entrepreneur and Packaging Designer

Managing numerous packaging design projects with many different clients from branches like tobacco industry, beverages and confectionery.


Remes&Packart Ltd // AD, Packaging Designer

Remes&Packart was packaging design agency located in Helsinki. Packaging designer in Finland’s leading packaging design agency.

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