You can read what others have said about co-operation with DesignCompany’s Outi Oravainen below.

Outi is a top professional in the packaging design field. Working with her is easy going and the results speak for themselves. Warm recommendation from me.

Juhana Pilkama
Head of packaging development,

Outi has in the past few decades been a part of many successful FMCG-projects, in which a new brand has been launched or an old concept has gotten renewed. With her contribution she has played an important role in these successes. It’s easy to work with Outi. She works very efficiently and puts in the effort to get to know these projects well.

Matti Rihko
Technology investor,
ex-CEO of Raisio

Outi quickly gets a hang of the brief and it’s fun to throw around ideas with her. As a designer Outi is skilful, thorough, and efficient. A strong recommendation.

Ida Kupari
Head of Product Development & Sourcing,

Along the years I have completed many different packaging design projects with Outi. Her work is creative and she always does everything quickly and precisely like the brief told her to. Still, she dares to challenge the client if needed to get the best results. I’ve been very pleased with the results we got. Co-operation With Outi has always been very smooth and easy-going.

I warmly recommend Outi for and packaging design projects!

Tomi Järvenpää
Green Mountain Oy

When working with Outi we have always been able to trust that everything will be done on time with good quality.

Ilkka Harju
Packaging Services Director, EMEA,
Metsä Board

Outi understands the project well and finds the ideas and solutions to create a new concept. It’s easy to work with Outi and she is very flexible with scheduling. We recommend.

Henri Himanen
Product manager,
Own brands,

It’s very quick and easy to work with Outi Oravainen. I especially appreciate the agility, brave suggestions and Outi’s natural design.

Mari Heikkilä
Brand and communications manager,
international operation,
Kalaneuvos Oy

It was fun to work with Outi on the new Miny brand identity project. She listens to the client and based on that brings good and feasible ideas to the table. I recommend her, if you are looking for a professional and nice partner to work with.

Minna Varsta
Marketing Manager,

Outi is a strong professional, who does not hesitate with projects. Her fresh ideas and understanding of the needs of the industry are at a very high level. Excellent results!

Jaakko Siimeslahti
Product and Development Manager,
Norex Selected Brands

Together with Outi we have created a forerunner brand that is based on the colored wave pattern that stands out on the shelf. I haven’t had to interfere in Outi’s work. I trust that she will tell me when we have a problem somewhere.

Toni Rantala
Confectioner and Entrepreneur,
Konditoria pH7 Oy

From the perspective of the print house, working with Outi is smooth, because she always presents us with print-ready materials and thinks through the details of the technical execution with us regardless of the printing methods.

Antti Grönberg
Sales manager,
Grano Oy

With the expertise of DesignCompany we were able to lead the brand in the wanted direction and the end result was way better than our initial goal.

Tuomo Saarni
Tam-Silk Oy

DesignCompany executed the New Wood logo, presentation materials and a visual website renewal. The appearance of our project freshened and the update has gotten a lot of good feedback from our member companies.

Virpi Korhonen
Project manager,
New Wood

Working with Outi is easy going and professional. It’s a pleasure to do projects with nice people. The good feeling is also reflected in the final result.

Tepi Ylä-Hemmilä
Viipurilainen Kotileipomo Oy
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