Outi Oravainen

Cost effectiveness in packaging design

You can save money by buying expertise and experience. Designing packages should always be based on understanding what’s possible and actually executable in practice. It’s important to take into account how the plan will look on store shelves, not just on the computer screen.

The more experience there is from different packaging design projects, the more likely it is for the next project to go smoothly and cost efficiently. That also means more technical understanding. It’s in a key position when it comes to packaging design. There are far too many packaging design projects that ultimately cannot be completed because of technical limitations. Your money will go to complete waste if it is spent polishing details which can never be put to production and use.

I create the packaging concept from beginning to end so that there will be no surprises in the end in form of increased costs or technical limitations. I’m able to implement print originals to every print method and packaging format. That’s to say I will never even begin to design packages that in the end can’t be implemented.

I think about costs on every step of the designing process. Often it’s possible to use fewer colours and reduce the cost of print plates. Savings can also be made by designing packages so that there will be fewer print plate changes while printing or by using materials more efficiently. Sometimes decent savings can be made by utilising special effects. There are many means of saving, you just need to be aware of them and be able to apply them to actual projects.

Did you know that I always inspect the print proof of my packaging designs. Supervising the printing at the print house is also in the perimeter of my services.

I’m good at organising and keeping things in order. I have also led larger co-operations of specialists making packaging development projects.

Special effects can make your packages stand out. In the picture is fuchsia-red drainage foil, which I used in the decorations of a chocolate box.
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