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Metsä Board packaging cartons swatch book

The introduction design of packaging cartons as a material was an intriguing assignment from the perspective of the designer. Very rarely are you allowed to so use special effects so widely showing off the different features of different cartons in the best way possible.

Metsä Board (Metsä meaning forest in Finnish) is a Finnish producer of premium paper boards.

In co-operation with Metsä Board we designed swatch books of three different carton sets including folding boxboards, craftliners and barrier boards.

It’s always awesome to work with an experienced organisation and we think our co-operation with Metsä Board was as smooth as possible so that we could achieve the best possible results.

Executing the swatches required exact instructions, carefully built printing originals and skilful pre-press not to mention printing or special effects. Some of the swatches are very complicated and difficult and have needed several stages to finish.

In projects like these the graphic designer has to be very experienced in printing. Still, we would’ve never gotten an entirety like this to work without the help of Metsä Board’s experts. A special thanks to all the people working on this project. Without your determination and hard work, the months worth of designing would have all gone to waste.

When working with Outi we have always been able to trust that everything will be done on time with good quality.

Ilkka Harju
Packaging Services Director, EMEA,
Metsä Board
Metsä Board produces cartons for many different uses. We designed a swatch book for each type of carton. It includes folding boxboards, craftliners and barrier boards.
In the folder you can find the printed models for each type of carton, a leaflet containing information and specs about the carton and also samples of the carton without anything printed on them.
The samples feature very complex special effects like multi-layer embossing, printing on folio, and different special varnishes.
The artwork of the cards is heavily customised for each type of carton and a connected set at the same time.
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