Unboxing experience

A honey gift box with a surprise, Arctic Raw

Especially when designing packages that will be sold online, the unboxing experience is something very important to keep in mind. Packaging design has a lot to offer for the unboxing experience. You can build your brand by focusing on every little detail to make the moment feel exactly the way it’s supposed to.

I got a pleasant task to design a gift box for Finnish quality honey, which also has great export potential. The project was especially intriguing, because i was given totally free hands to suggest a unique gift box solution.

I began building the concept based on the beautiful product, that will go in the box. The honeybees collect perhaps the world’s purest nectar during the short Finnish. We wanted to give a pretty flower to every honey gift receiver.

The silk-soft surface of the package already gives hints of the honey’s qualities. Not until you open the package is the secret revealed; the bottom part opens to all directions like a flower and the honey jar itself as the heart of it all. The snow white surface is a good contrast for the night black flower filled with glimmering gold nuggets all around it. amongst the gold rain there’s golden honeybees flying around.

The package tells even foreigners about our clean northern nature and the concept has gotten a lot of popularity outside of Finland too.

An unforgettable unboxing experience is an important thing for the brand.

Outi Oravainen
The Arctic Raw brand was built to satisfy its target audience down to the tiniest of details. Pure and well thought-out materials are a corner stone of the brand.

Cost efficiency with packaging solutions

Along with a showy look and a memorable unboxing experience this packaging concept has financial advantages. The outer layer of the package is digitally printable. With this type of solution you can inexpensively customise many products to the same packaging format without changing every part on each one. The solution brings down the cost of the packaging materials.

The gift box opens like a lovely golden flower when you take off the white lid.
The roots of all the products are in the clean Finnish nature.
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