Miny shop in shop visual identity design


Tokmanni contacted me asking if I was willing to cooperate with a new shop in shop lifestyle concept’s visual identity work. I got very excited, because this was a new area for me to work with.

The Tokmanni team is very professional and easy to work with as a partner. This is what Henri Himanen, Tokmanni Own Brands owner says:

“Outi Understands the needs of the project well and finds the ideas and solutions to create the new concept. It’s easy to work with Outi and she is very flexible with the schedule. We recommend.”

Henri Himanen,
Tokmanni Own Brands

The concepting work of Miny brand started from Tokmanni’s brief, where they described their wishes in detail to me. Without a clear understanding of the needs of the project you can’t have a good end result.

I will help in the planning of the brief by setting the right questions if needed. This can be helpful when the contents of the brief isn’t very familiar to you.

First I designed a few different concepts for the Tokmanni team. I presented the concepts as a mood board format.

They easily found a favorite among my concepts. The next step for me was to expand the concept description to an actual graphic design.

I design concepts and  create a graphic design for them or renew already existing packages and concepts. 

I was also asked to give a direction of how the packages sold in the Miny shop will look like. The best tool for this is package templates which help make all the packages look alike. This can also be used in the future to create new packages with the same style.

I designed a brand book for Miny including the needed graphic elements and some package templates. Each template shows the typical features for its product category. This is how the concept is kept intact for many years also with several designers and other professionals.

I have been warmly welcomed as “a part of the team” in Tokmanni. The work atmosphere plays a huge role in the success of the design project. It’s easy to tell ideas and opinions both ways without any tension. I value this side of partnership more and more as the years go by.

The Tokmanni team agreed, which can be seen in the following feedback.

It was a delight to work with Outi on the new Miny brand identity. She listens to the client and presents usable and good ideas based on our needs. I recommend her, if you are looking for a nice professional to work with!

Minna Varsta, Marketing Manager Tokmanni

In the Miny shops you can find all kinds of small fun stuff for kids, teens and adults. The visual identity is fun and easy to approach with its joyful colors. Miny has its own ECO series, which products are made from bio- and recycled materials. In Miny’s shop in shop you can find electronics, cosmetics, decoration, office supplies and much more. A lot of fun stuff but nothing expensive. It’s worth it to check it out!

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