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Miny visual identity design, Tokmanni

Tokmanni chose DesignCompany to implement their new Miny concept’s visual identity including logo design, the packaging templates and the big picture graphic guidelines.

Outi understands the project well and finds the ideas and solutions to create a new concept. It’s easy to work with Outi and she is very flexible with scheduling. We recommend.

Henri Himanen
Product manager,
Tokmanni own brands
The delicious pink and brown combo is the core of Miny. The target audience is everything from children to decorating adults.

Moodboard design and implementation

The first part of the project was to refine many different visual ideas to the for of a mood board. Creating different colours, pictures and atmospheres on paper.

From these concept proposals was quickly chosen a favourite that we started improving and building on.

The idea was tested in different forms and finally graphic guidelines were made based on it. The guidelines were to be very clear, so that the brand would be easy to expand in the future to a lot of different uses.

I design concepts and carry out a visual identity for them or renew already existing packages and concepts.

Outi Oravainen

Duplicating a design and keeping it sold for years

One of the main goals was to create a visual template for the Miny packages so that it would be easy for anyone to design new packages along the way as the selection grows.

When making this kind of scaling visual identity for packaging, there is a lot that needs to be taken into consideration. The same elements have to work in many different sizes, horizontally and vertically. The colours need to be harmonic and work well together. The packages have different materials and are printed in different places. The plan also can’t be too complicated. The workload of the packaging designer has to be kept reasonable.

I designed a brand book for Miny including all the needed graphic elements and packaging templates. Each template presents the typical features in its category. this is how the concept is kept in tact along many years and people working on the brand.

With bright colours and nice stuff the stores and shop-in-sops look very tempting.

Compact and respectful co-operation enables the best results for the packages

The atmosphere of the co-operation has a huge impact on the success of the project. The Tokmanni team has a lot of expertise and is also friendly. The more open and easy it is to share opinions inside the team, the less tense it will be and the solution will be as good as possible.

The Tokmanni team agreed. You can see that in the following feedback.

It was fun to work with Outi on the new Miny brand identity project. She listens to the client and based on that brings good and feasible ideas to the table. I recommend her, if you are looking for a professional and nice partner to work with.

Minna Varsta
Marketing Manager,

All of this you can find in Miny!

There are many nice small things in Miny to children, adults and even teenagers. The visual identity is fun and easy to approach with its happy colours like the products themselves. Miny has its own ECO-series, in which all products are made from recycled materials. In Miny you can find electronics, cosmetics, decor, office suplies and a lot more. Everything fun but nothing expensive. I recommend checking it out!

The pretty pastel-coloured electronics have been a customer favourite.
Beautiful decor that everyone can afford is a certain hit in this time. Miny’s purchasing agent has an impeccable taste in getting everything to fit together. They also know the best material choices.
Miny’s own shops have been quickly opening all over Finland.
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