Shortlisted in a Finnish creative design competition

Koskenkorva Vodka gift box design, Anora

Every Finn knows Koskenkorva, which also reached the vuoden Huiput shortlist. An iconic piece of the brand of the barley distilled vodka is a Nordic wheat field with a barn. This gift box utilised the field landscape in a new way; like a photograph but printed with a silver colour.

The picture and Koskenkorva logo wrapped around the box’s two sides, so that the two different faces next to each other create an entity that stands out. The brand will be noticed.

A pulp-dyed high quality carton was chosen for the package, so it withstands opening and closing many times. Black and silver add a hue of masculinity and ice clear luxury to the package. The gift box designed for Anora reached the Vuoden Huiput visual design competition candidates list.

When designing packages for iconic brands you need to use trends with careful consideration.

Outi Oravainen
The pulp-dyed material makes the package luxurious. You can bend the lid to infinity and there will still be no white carton pulp sticking out from the seam.
The Koskenkorva logo wrapping around the package enables showy shelf visibility, in which The logo is displayed as two package wide. The brand presents itself to consumers walking even far away.
The finished structure is important for the unboxing experience of the gift box.
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