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Finnish forest-goods for exporting, Arctic Raw

When aiming to export foods, branding is very important especially for the packages. Only very few Finnish brands are so well known in foreign countries that it isn’t the main point of the package to tell about the product anymore. Package is the media that communicates relevant content to the customer and for this reason…

Package is the part of the brand that every customer will certainly meet.

Outi Oravainen
For example everyone is not necessarily familiar with Finnish berries., which is why especially when exporting, you should always make sure that the product will be easily understood. Only understood packages will end up in the baskets of consumers.

The culture of the target market and the understandability of the package

When exporting Finnish foods, you have to keep in mind the consumers of the target market. What are they used to? What habits do they have? What kinds of food are they used to eat in certain situations? What ingredients are they familiar with? What packaging sizes are the most relevant to them?

Communication channels

When designing packaging you should take all the communication channels into account. Shopping online will increase its popularity even more in the near future. The product has to be interesting even when viewed on a browser and you have to invest in marketing, if you want a chance at success on international online shopping platforms.

When bought from a webshop, the unboxing experience has a huge impact on the value of the brand and possible future sales to the same customer. On the other hand, in grocery stores the right graphic design of sales units makes your products stand out way better as a mass.

With the correct packaging design it’s possible to get your product understood. The package has to be designed so that it will spark the interest of the consumer in just a few seconds. That’s the time that the package has to tell about itself before the consumer moves to look at competitors or other replacement products.

As a packaging designer I experience a special sense of pride when I get to design packages for wonderful Finnish products, which will end up on the other side of the world and be liked and respected there.

What the package communicates

These packaging designs of dried berries communicate the pure clean Finnish nature and its offerings. The products are designed for also those that aren’t yet familiar with Finnish berries. The clear pictures and core messages chosen on each package guarantee that the products get understood.

The packages got a controlled matte finish. Your brand shakes hands with your customer the moment they first pick up your package. Feel matters.

In Asia Finland is still a small unknown importer of foods. People don’t know anything about Finnish food culture for the most part, but when we get to tell the story of a clean nature, an intense growth season and a high hygiene standard, the products will be fairly welcomed.
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