Updating Packaging for a Range of Mulled Wines


Valio gave me the delightful brief of designing an updated line of packaging for their range of mulled wines. This packaging design update is one of the projects I’ve been privileged to handle in weekly sessions at the Valio headquarters.

For the Christmas season, Valio produces four variants of mulled wine. The design brief required updating the appearance of all four packages, while respecting the traditional aspects and ensuring continued product recognizability of the well-known premium mulled wines. Updating the overall appearance infused the packaging design with bright and festive Christmas cheer. Another goal was to unify all four variants into one clearly aligned product range, as until then the appearance of the package of the spicier variant had differed from the others.

Keeping traditional and working design elements

The color coding of the four flavors had become well established and proven over the years, so I kept it unchanged. Steaming mugs of hot mulled wine were another familiar aspect carried over to the new designs. I modernized the visual elements with a very subtle touch. White color brought lightness and freshness to the new designs. The top parts of all packages are now lined by a band of shimmering stars or gently falling snowflakes. After all, we are forever dreaming of a white Christmas here in Finland.

Using print technology to best effect

Frequently, limited ranges of feasible print techniques and colors emerge as an issue for liquid carton packaging and their printing.

All techniques print graphic elements differently on cartons, so the designer should know which elements can be used in the designs. Not all colors work for tiny or delicate images or text. To avoid wasting time and effort, such factors should be early considerations in packaging design processes. A professional packaging designer must have in-depth knowledge of technologically feasible solutions.

Valio is the market leader in all key dairy product groups in Finland and is one of the largest companies in Finland. Net sales in 2019 were EUR 1.8 billion. Valio is Finland’s biggest food exporter. Valio products are found globally in some 60 countries and it has subsidiaries in Sweden, Russia the Baltics, USA and China.

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