Puhtikaura – Pioneer of the Oat Boom

Viipurilainen Kotileipomo

Puhtikaura has been chosen the Finnish food of the year. One criterion that led to the selection according to the panel was the magnificent and unique packaging. Instead of traditional logo gold-plating, the Puhtikaura packages utilise folio as part of the artwork. The packages are light and airy in an elegant way. The packaging speaks of high-quality products that are unique in their category and for which the consu mer is willing to pay more than for comparable products. 

Puhtikaura main product range is oat drink mixes that make a turbo breakfast, snack or a meal with faster than instant principle. Now the Puhtikaura family is growing with an oatmeal produced in one specific farm in Southern part of Finland. Local food at it’s best.

Food & Drink
Branding, Foiling, Packaging Design, Visual identity