Brand identity  renewal of a craft chocolate company


Kultasuklaa is a craft chocolate company located in Iittala, Finland. In 2018, the new owners launched a comprehensive brand renewal project. We began by redesigning the company logo, making it better represent Kultasuklaa’s premium hand-crafted Finnish chocolates.

Strong brand identity elements increase shelf visibility

The key goal was to build a streamlined product range that projects premium quality and visual appeal. To create a unified and recognizable brand identity for Kultasuklaa, I wanted to deploy the same graphic element on all possible materials. This allowed us to set up spectacular product displays in stores. Repeating the same colorful graphic patterns side by side, in lines and rows on store shelves draws consumer attention to the products and gives them drastically increased shelf visibility.

“A wide product range should be designed so that each package works also individually.”

Ecological and luxurious

An elegant palette of gold and matte black combined with a high piano gloss finish was chosen for the confectionery boxes, as a stunning contrast to the vibrant hues of the chocolates. All confectionery is hand-made and packaged locally in Iittala, which the packages may proudly reflect. Ecological packages communicate the Kultasuklaa company values, and following the principles of sustainability, only plastic-free materials were chosen for the chocolate boxes.

Internationally featured chocolate bar wrapper designs

For the chocolate bar wrappers, I selected a richer color palette. Each flavor is identified by its own specific set of delicious hues. The chocolate bars have become enormously successful with consumers and the package design gained international recognition by becoming a Shortlist Winner at the World Brand Design Awards 2018/19 event.

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