Visual identity and packaging design for a confectionery and bakery

Konditoria pH7

Dear Outi,

The Konditoria pH7 is an innovative pioneer of our field, whose products are the luxuries of everyday life. When becoming a national firm, one of the biggest challenges was how to stand out from the mass.

Together we decided to let Outi decide what she wanted to do with the packaging. She could even create something wacky or crazy. 

Outi created a “psychedelic” colored wave pattern that would certainly be different from everyone else.  Afterwards this symphony of colors has become the symbol of our whole company’s brand.

In it there is the joyfulness, innovativeness and quality all summarized. When you look at the pattern for long enough, you will see it moving forward just like we are doing as a company.

– Toni Rantala –

I got to know Toni and his team in the year 2017. Like Toni tells, I was free to make suggestions for the visual look of the company and the appearance of the packages from the very beginning. I suggested a few different approaches for the repositioning of the brand. However this colored wave pattern instantly became our favorite and felt like the right thing to start from. With this design we’ll differ from other brands and stick in the consumers minds well.

At the same time we renewed the pH7 logo for the company’s 10 year birthday. We wanted the logo to reflect the confectionery’s innovative and high quality products. I designed the logo in a way that you can get very exclusive products to look good with it. At the same time it is possible to print big quantities cost effectively.

I’m very proud of Toni’s endurance in building the brand. We’ve done everything ambitiously during the years and kept the original visual identity guidelines in mind all the time. Nowadays when I visit pH7 stores and shop in shops it’s great to see the coherent result of many years of work. All the packages fit together. Over the years some packages have gotten renewed and new products have been added to the selection.

Ecological packaging materials have been one cornerstone of our design project. Recycling markings have also been taken into account in the products when possible.

All the packaging follow the same visual identity look. Even every bread bag and pastry tray. Toni’s macarons and pastries are extremely tasty. The colorful and playful packages show off the products in a delicious way on the shelf.

Toni has made the liquorice balls a phenomenon. Our colorful packages are very stylish when they are arranged in lines and rows in the shops. Every consumer will definitely find their favorite among the variety of flavors. My current favorite is salty-caramel. 

The design I suggested has turned out to be a great choice. Over the years it’s been easy to multiply it to different materials in packages, marketing materials, on the pH7 website and other branding elements. Toni calls the design psychedelic. The good thing with it is that  it fits in with everything :-)

As an entrepreneur myself I take my hat off for Toni and his team for a very successful business. Over the years Toni has proved to be a fair and in his own way

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