Designing cricket chocolate packaging for MUJI


Since November 2019, Helsinki has been the first and only European city with a MUJI flagship store. MUJI’s first European food department is also being piloted at this store. The MUJI food department concept is based on pure, locally produced ingredients. The department carries a wide range of carefully chosen products from Finnish small producers. There is also an in-house restaurant that serves food made with the ingredients sold in the store.

MUJI’s philosophy is minimalism

To our great pride and joy, MUJI introduced the Entis Cricket Chocolates into their product selection. Simplicity is a core part of MUJI’s philosophy. All products and packages must be as minimal and ecological as possible. We tailored the Entis cricket chocolate packages to align even further with the MUJI ideology. Colors on the materials were replaced with natural tones and adapted to the MUJI no-label concept. A carefully designed brand identity with well-considered elements lends itself to new adaptations effortlessly, also in packaging.

What the package promises, the contents deliver: cricket chocolates are simply delicious and also healthier as snacks. My personal favorite is the salty licorice cricket chocolate. However, salty licorice has not become an international success story, so at least for the time being MUJI does not carry the Licorice Cricket Chocolate in their product range.

Fortunately, Licorice Cricket Chocolate is available for example at the Entis webstore.

The packages I designed for MUJI have become immensely popular, and later the same packages have been launched more widely in Europe and Canada.

MUJI as a sales channel for local food products

The MUJI food department is an excellent window especially for companies that are looking at entering Asian markets. For inquiries about working with MUJI, contact either me or MUJI Food department directly.

Other products designed by DesignCompany are also available at MUJI Helsinki.

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