Branding and packaging Finnish berry products for export markets

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Packaging design plays an especially central role in the branding of food products aimed at export markets. Exceedingly few Finnish brands have managed to make their market presence abroad so strong that they no longer need to focus on product branding and marketing. Packaging is the primary channel for conveying relevant content to the consumers. Consequently, carefully considered packaging design will certainly pay for itself through increased sales and higher product price positions.

Of all components in your brand, packaging is the one that all your customers will encounter for sure.

Target markets and targeted packaging

When exporting Finnish food items, awareness of consumers in the targeted foreign market areas becomes a priority. What customs, habits, likes and dislikes do they have. What kind of food are they used to having in any given context. To what extent – if any – do they know ingredients and raw materials that are intensely familiar here in Finland. Which packaging sizes are relevant to consumers abroad.

The right packaging designs can make products properly understood. A package must be designed so that it sparks consumer interest in its contents in merely a few seconds. On the shelf, a few seconds is all the time the package has to tell its story before customers move on to competitors or other similar products.

Distribution channels

All distribution channels should always be considered during packaging design. In the near future, e-commerce will see accelerated growth rates world-wide. Products must be able to attract interest and attention also when viewed online, and companies must invest in the marketing of their products and packaging, in order to succeed on international e-commerce platforms.

What does packaging communicate

The dried berry package designs present vibrant messages of the pure and rich natural resource of Finland. The products are also aimed at markets where Finnish berries may be still unknown. Clear visuals and core messages selected specifically for each package guarantee that the products will be well understood.

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