DesignCompany is specializing in packaging design and product characterizing

DesignCompany is an innovative packaging design agency specializing in packaging solutions, relating product characterizing and branding. Technical expertise is key strength of DesignCompany.

DesignCompany was founded in 2004 by packaging designer Outi Oravainen

Packaging Design Process: From concept to production

Outi Oravainen says she aware of some cases in which the design looked fabulous in Power Point presentation displayed on big screen but it has turned out producing the package in real life is impossible. In some cases Outi has been asked to solve the problems to modify design and structure to make it possible to manufacture. Deep understanding of different kind of package production processes is a key to ensure the beautiful design can come into life in production. Knowing different materials, printing techniques and constraints support the design process and help avoiding mistakes.

Clients appreciate cost efficiency

DesignCompany designs packaging concepts paying special attention to both budgeting and technical constraints of the project from start until the production phase. This is in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in cost and time management.

Print originals for each printing technique and format are always produced in house. Attending the first printing is naturally part of the well managed process with high quality standard.

Project management is part of the concept too. DesignCompany has been managing packaging design projects even if the design itself has come from another source.

Well planned packaging design process enables big cost savings in manufacturing and logistics.

Right people for the right job

Best results are achieved with having the right people in place. DesignCompany has a European wide network of partners and suppliers with background of successful projects. DesignCompany chooses the best available resources or each new process and is able to recommend personally known specialists for different parts of design project.

The most effective results are achieved when you can choose just the right people and manufacturers for each project.

Designing the package starts from the client needs

Experienced designer carefully examines the clients background, values and strategy also asking the important critical questions relating to brand strategy. Creative design can have very innovative perspectives but it also should respect the legacy of the client and avoid controversies. DesignCompany also brings in lots of experience in consumer behavior in different markets.

Outi Oravainen designs packages always from client perspective and therefore deep understanding of the client need is critical – client is the most important member of the team.

Designing packages for export

DesignCompany also offers design to Finnish companies targeting to foreign markets. There a deep understanding of the target market is critical. DesignCompany is partner of Business Finland and is in constant process of deepening its’ knowledge of exporting to different parts of globe as well as building international network.

DesignCompany accepts Business Finland innovation vouchers.

“DesignCompany is a member of Business Finland export specialist network.”

Not only packages but marketing material too

DesignCompany offers design and ideas for all sort of marketing material relating to graphic design. This includes 3D images for product launching, presentations, leaflets, corporate identity graphics etc. Outi Oravainen has herself been behind the camera in  all photo shooting of product pictures in this website.