The package plays an important role in successful product sales. In a retail store shelf package is the media which communicates to consumers. Packaging design should aim to support product sales. Packaging design projects should be seen as investments and if performed well the return can be very high. 

High quality packaging design increases ROI.

Packaging design project starts with corporate strategy

Carefully planned corporate strategy includes brand strategy which is a key element in designing packaging concepts. Package is a part of corporate communication and should therefore share the same values and factors the company is highlighting in other medias. Each and every interaction between the consumer and the company should support the desired image of the company and the brand. All the social media comments, every single customer agent response, product placement, photo, smell of packaging material etc. make a memory.

Brand is a lot more than just advertising or how the package looks in shelf.

Package plays an important part in brand story

Package identity should be built based on the brand story rooting from corporate strategy. The story is the general manager of customer expectation relating to brand. Consumers tend to appreciate brands that are original, pure, honest and fair. Consumers rather buy the products they feel they can trust. This is the moment their own memories and personal values step in. Customer choices are an expression of their own values and personality. Social media makes an excellent platform for supporting personalized story telling.

Social media makes an important part of brand story and packaging should be designed to take full benefit of it.

In shelf the package makes the product

Not more than four seconds. That’s the average time consumers actively consider before making their final purchase decision (consideration set). If the package during these critical seconds does not clearly say what is inside the case is lost. The customer goes away with another product. The one where the package tells the right message.

Typical customers do not go for surprise boxes.

When done right the packaging increases product value through the whole life cycle

85% of retail customers buy the product they touched first. Still the client expectation is there until the end of product life cycle and the brand story should be there to fulfill it. This could include packaging materials and recycling. Failing to meet the expectation even in the end may result in choosing another brand next time.

ESG is a rising standard

When designing a package it is important how it looks. But factors relating to environment, ethics and social responsibility are becoming more and more important. Packaging should be a part of the solution and not the problem. A package enabling efficient logistics, being recyclable and minimizing food packaging waste is reflecting responsible brand identity.

Global megatrends should be considered in package design.

Distribution makes a difference

Supermarket, counter store, exports, online? Different channels have different standards. Logistics can be very different depending on the sales channel and for example online sales can require higher durability packages. And the unboxing experience is a very important part of brand awareness in online shopping. 

Packaging design is also a part of distribution.

Technology in packaging design

Not only packaging materials but also technology in packages is taking huge leaps in order to benefit form latest innovations. Augmented Reality (AR) in packages, ability to track the product all the way to the producer (even names of the farmers in agricultural products), customized labeling, physical conditions during logistics (temperature etc.). Lot of opportunities to support your brand story!

DesignCompany has constant follow up on latest technologies and is experienced in including high tech solutions in packaging design.

Consumer research gives an estimate on how successful your new product or package will become

Understanding consumer behavior is a core knowledge of retail business. Consumer research makes an excellent tool in understanding how new packaging design would affect in brand image and willingness to pay (WTP). A key issue is also to understand how your package stands out in shelf compared in rival brands. Good research data is also great information to present to large wholesalers in order to have them see full potential of the product.

Packaging research among customers helps decision making and helps forecast future success.